Practical Security

Security is hard. Broken cryptography looks exactly like good cryptography. There’s a lot of jargon and a lot of confusing documentation. And most of the examples you’ll find on StackOverflow are incredibly insecure. How is an every day developer supposed to protect their users’ data and avoid showing up in the news as the latest embarrassing leak?

No one talk is going to make you a security expert. But you can learn the basics and what good security should look like. In this session you’ll learn the terminology and best practices in symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and authentication. You’ll also learn how to correctly handle the most common secret for both clients and servers: passwords. Examples will be in JavaScript, Swift, and Kotlin.


Date Conference Video Notes
2019-09-21 DevFest Triangle, 2019
2017-04-03 Istanbul Tech Talks, 2017
2017-10-06 Mobile Developers Summit (MODS)
2017-08-15 360 iDev, 2017 link
2017-06-06 CocoaConf San Jose, 2017
2016-09-09 CocoaConf DC, 2016
2016-05-06 CocoaConf Seattle, 2016
2014-02-07 Renaissance, 2014 link Title: “Get Security and Privacy Right”
2013-03-22 CocoaConf DC, 2013 Title: “Avoiding Security Blunders”
2012-11-30 CocoaConf, Raleigh, 2012 Title: “Avoiding Security Blunders”