Llama Calculus

Llama Calculus — Getting from merely Functional to truly Useful

In the US, the llama is an exotic zoo animal, with an odd appearance, funny name, and strange habits. But in South America, the llama is an everyday pack animal, useful for getting things done. Functional programming is much the same. At first look, from an object-oriented culture, it can seem strange, filled with confusing jargon and weird operators. But ultimately, Functional Programming is programming. It’s a tool for getting things done. All it requires to be useful and practical are a few new ways of thinking about problems, and a few language features that Swift provides.

This talk will teach you what you need to get started solving real-world problems with functional solutions in Swift. We’ll focus on common Cocoa issues like errors handling, JSON parsing, and asynchronous network operations.

Date Conference Video Notes
2015-04-10 CocoaConf DC, 2015
2014-12-05 CocoaConf, Atlanta, 2014