Kids Today!

Kids today! They’ve got it so easy, just copying Stack Overflow answers until their program works. Not like in my day when programming was hard and you had to know something! Or maybe we’re not quite remembering our own histories. Maybe the latest crop of developers face challenges that “old timers” don’t have the experiences to appreciate. Whether you’re a newbie or have a shelf of long-untouched O’Reilly books, there’s a lot for all of us to learn about how we ask questions, how we answer them, how we learn, and how we build a welcoming community. We’ll explore how to copy without shame and how to keep learning our whole lives.

Date Conference Video Notes
2022-09-16 NSSpain, 2022 link
2022-05 Internal Audible Tech Talks, May, 2022
2019-04-24 PhillyETE, 2019 link
2018-10-20 Swift by Northwest
2017-10-05 Mobile Developers Summit (MODS)
2017-06-07 CocoaConf San Jose, 2017
2017-04-21 CocoaConf Chicago, 2017
2017-03-22 CocoaConf Yosemite, 2017 link