Returning From the Deep Hack

For the last several months, all of my technical time not devoted to my primary employment has been absorbed in a little iPad project. Nights and weekends that I usually would spend writing blog posts, chatting on Stackoverflow, or working on PandoraBoy have instead been spent on one of the more interesting projects I’ve worked on. But now it’s front-page on, soaring up the charts, and I’m rolling onto other things. Top of my list, when not working on an awesome IM/Phone app full time, is starting work on a new iOS book, but close after that are PandoraBoy improvements, Cocoaphony and Stackoverflow. And maybe a little skiing. And there is that go-kart the family has started building. But still, blogging is up there, and I should have a new build of PandoraBoy out in the next week that fixes up some annoying bugs.