PandoraBoy Moving to Leopard

For the last couple of nights I’ve finally gotten back to PandoraBoy work. The backlog of issues has gotten a bit out of hand as I’ve focused on other projects. One thing that has hung me up for a while has been the Hotkey preferences pane, which uses ShortcutRecorder. SR had an IB Pallet that only worked with IB2.5, not IB3, which made working on that panel very difficult. I’ve finally upgraded SR to the latest version, which required a lot of recoding since PB relied SR’s now-deprecated autosave functionality.

The side effect of all of that is that the latest SR requires Leopard, and so now PB requires Leopard. I had planned to wait for SnowLeopard’s release to drop Tiger support, but this accelerates that a bit. It does make my coding a work a bit easier, since 10.5 has many nice developer features.

Drop me a note if you’re still running PB on Tiger. Every other major user of ShortcutRecorder had already gone Leopard-only, which is why they made the move. Tigers are getting pretty rare out there.