PandoraBoy in French

It’s been a busy few weeks for PandoraBoy… well, for PandoraBoy’s mailbox. I’ve been incredibly busy getting my day-to-day work out for months now and have barely looked at PandoraBoy since about February. The backlog of Issues has grown to a troubling level, and it’s probably another few weeks before I’ll be able to get back into PB development. But in the meantime I’ve been amazed at how much mail I’ve been getting on the subject. Mostly small bugs people are running into, but then, this just in:

PandoraBoy in French. Yes, Pierre Rudloff, out of the blue, sends me a fully translated lproj. I really appreciate it. I’ll make sure to get it integrated into the next release. I probably won’t get started on PB development until after WWDC because of other projects, but after WWDC it’s top of my list. Especially all the annoying little bugs that have been creeping in (I suspect because of some backend Pandora changes).