PandoraBoy 0.5.1 Released

Yes it is true, a new version of PandoraBoy is up, 0.5.1. I haven’t put it into Sparkle yet, and probably will skip it because it only fixes a couple of things (most notably, paid accounts now work correctly). Technically there’s an entire full-screen mode in there now with a plug-in architecture and public framework, but I’ve disabled it because it’s still kind of flakey and doesn’t work very well. I’m going to focus for a while instead on some of the bugs that have been reported and get those cleaned up.

Maybe I’ll play with the new version of ShortcutRecorder that just came out thanks to OmniGroup’s contributions (great company, great products). Hopefully I can get rid of my IB2 dependencies and finally move 100% into XCode3.

And of course I’ve been promising improvements in Sparkle that will help PandoraBoy a little bit, and I more deeply need for my day job. I’ve been mostly working on those during what I consider “day job” hours, but right now core product features are far more pressing than automatic updates. And #1 on my list: collapse the current branch back down to trunk! Ah, subversion, thou viper. Linus was right. There’s no such thing as “CVS done right.” But in truth, it isn’t so terrible, it just isn’t so good either….