New Blog Site

After several years of WordPress, I finally decided to make a change. The main change was getting rid of comments. There were several useful comments over the years, but the vast majority of the comments that came in were spam. The spam filters got most of them, but over the last year, more and more have been getting through. They’ve become more subtle over the years, and so more of a headache to deal with on my side. The handful of useful comments weren’t worth it. Most of the time, people comment in order to ask me a question. They can still easily do that through email, and I can post any interesting threads as another blog post.

I also had grown dissatisfied with the readability of the blog. It was a bit busy, and code formatting wasn’t great. So now, like the cool kids, I’m trying out Octopress. I’ve always managed my blog in markdown, and WordPress fights that a little bit. Octopress is definitely a hacker’s blogging platform, which is nice for the hacker in me. I admit, it also is a bit awkward at times, and often feels more complicated than WordPress. And I absolutely worry that messing with my tools will get in the way of actually writing useful stuff. And so I need to be careful about that.

Now that I’ve gotten some other projects out of the way, I’m hoping to get back to blogging a bit in 2014. Plus there are several updates in the works for RNCryptor.