One of the Reasons I Like KACE (the New M300)

I don’t usually shill for my company’s products, but I’m really impressed with the new M300 we just put out. It’s an IT management appliance targeted at companies with 50-200 computers. I like how simple it makes setup; reminds me of Apple. Fewer “fiddly-knobs” and more “just works out of the box stop messing with it.” We’ve got the K1000 for those companies who need lots of configuration, but I’m excited to see us get into the SMB space like this. I know most of you don’t need an SMB IT management appliance, but it’s just a pretty cool box and I’m proud to be involved. Working at Dell KACE has been awesome. Yes, it’s strange being a “Mac developer at Dell,” but KACE is like this little startup inside of Dell. It’s like having the best parts of a startup, without having to worry about funding. And Mac is a big deal to a lot of our customers, so we take the cross-platform work very seriously. As a low-level guy, it’s interesting keeping everything working smoothly across Windows, Mac and Linux (and what seems an ever-growing number of Linux distros….)

I’ll try to bring back some Cocoa content soon. When not pushing product out the door at KACE, I’ve been continuing work on my upcoming book, which takes up most of my non-KACE time. The title is now official: iOS 5 Programming: Pushing the Limits with Mobile Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It should be out in a few months. I’m working with Mugunth Kumar, who has been an excellent coauthor, and I’m really pleased to have added Mithilesh Kumar (no relation) as technical editor. I like how the book is shaping up. We’re targeting those who want a more advanced iOS book, focused on the non-obvious things you can’t easily get by skimming the docs. Hope you all like it.