I’m switching jobs over this weekend from information security to Mac development. In the process, I’m also moving mostly to work-from-home, taking over a corner of my wife’s workrooms and turning it into a decent home office/lab. In the process of copying huge files around, I think I pushed my Linksys over the edge and it stopped talking on its WAN (PPPoE) port. In my researching trying to fix it, I learned that the Westell modems that Bellsouth gives you for FastAccess are in fact full routers. And actually I’d say it’s a bit nicer router than the Linksys. So project #3 in the the “get ready for new job” turned out to be “completely reorganize home network.” I like the new setup, though. I can get to the Westell directly now ( for diagnostics. And the Westell has a nice NAT setup system.

On the annoying front, for some reason my Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 which has worked so well for me for so long at the office, now doesn’t reliably click. Moving it works fine, it just doesn’t always recognize clicking. It’s driving me nuts. I’m wondering what the change is. I’m on Leopard now, which might impact it. Just not certain.

Moving over to Leopard on my primary box also meant spending a lot of time trying to get PandoraBoy happy. I’ve been having trouble with the Shortcut Recorder palette for a long time now where IB won’t load the palette. I think I’ve finally gotten it sane again. Definitely staying on Xcode 2.5 for now. I’ll wait for SR to get their Leopard IB3 support solid before I consider moving. I’ve had requests to get PB running on 10.3.9, and I’m not ready to try that in XCode3.

Oh, and first impressions of moving to Leopard: wow, Leopard rocks.